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Function std.uni.decompose

Returns a full Canonical (by default) or Compatibility decomposition of character ch. If no decomposition is available returns a Grapheme with the ch itself.

Grapheme decompose(UnicodeDecomposition decompType = Canonical) (
  dchar ch
) @safe;


This function also decomposes hangul syllables as prescribed by the standard.

See Also

decomposeHangul for a restricted version that takes into account only hangul syllables but no other decompositions.


import std.algorithm.comparison : equal;

writeln(compose('A', '\u0308')); // '\u00C4'
writeln(compose('A', 'B')); // dchar.init
writeln(compose('C', '\u0301')); // '\u0106'
// note that the starter is the first one
// thus the following doesn't compose
writeln(compose('\u0308', 'A')); // dchar.init



Dmitry Olshansky


Boost License 1.0.