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Module core.demangle

The demangle module converts mangled D symbols to a representation similar to what would have existed in code.


demangle() Demangles D/C++ mangled names. If it is not a D/C++ mangled name, it returns its argument name.
demangleType(buf, dst) Demangles a D mangled type.
getCXXDemangler(, , , )
mangle(fqn, dst) Mangles a D symbol.
mangleFunc(fqn, dst) Mangles a D function.
reencodeMangled() reencode a mangled symbol name that might include duplicate occurrences of the same identifier by replacing all but the first occurence with a back reference.

Manifest constants

cPrefix C name mangling is done by adding a prefix on some platforms.


Sean Kelly


Distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE)