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Module core.runtime

The runtime module exposes information specific to the D runtime code.



defaultTraceDeallocator(info) Deallocate a traceinfo generated by deaultTraceHander.
defaultTraceHandler(ptr) Get the default Throwable.TraceInfo implementation for the platform
dmd_coverDestPath(path) Set output path for coverage reports.
dmd_coverSetMerge(flag) Enable merging of coverage reports with existing data.
dmd_coverSourcePath(path) Set source file path for coverage reports.
profilegc_setlogfilename(name) Set the output file name for memory profile reports (-profile=gc switch). An empty name will set the output to stdout.
rt_init() C interface for Runtime.initialize, returns 1/0 instead of bool
rt_loadLibrary(name) C interface for Runtime.loadLibrary
rt_term() C interface for Runtime.terminate, returns 1/0 instead of bool
rt_unloadLibrary(ptr) C interface for Runtime.unloadLibrary, returns 1/0 instead of bool
runModuleUnitTests() This routine is called by the runtime to run module unit tests on startup. The user-supplied unit tester will be called if one has been set, otherwise all unit tests will be run in sequence.
trace_setdeffilename(name) Set the output file name for the optimized profile linker DEF file (-profile switch). An empty name will set the output to stdout.
trace_setlogfilename(name) Set the output file name for profile reports (-profile switch). An empty name will set the output to stdout.


CArgs Stores the unprocessed arguments supplied when the process was started.
Runtime This struct encapsulates all functionality related to the underlying runtime module for the calling context.
UnitTestResult This type is returned by the module unit test handler to indicate testing results.


ExtendedModuleUnitTester UnitTestResult function() Module unit test handler
ModuleUnitTester bool function() Legacy module unit test handler


Sean Kelly


Boost License 1.0