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Module dmd.backend.dwarfdbginf

Emit Dwarf symbolic debug info

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.



addToAAchars(aachars, str) Adds str to aachars, and assigns a new index if none
doUnwindEhFrame() Determine if generating a eh_frame with full unwinding information. This decision is done on a per-function basis.
dwarf_CFA_args_size(sz) Set total size of arguments pushed on the stack.
dwarf_CFA_offset(reg, offset) Set reg to be at offset from frame register.
dwarf_CFA_set_loc(location) Set the location, i.e. the offset from the start of the function. It must always be greater than the current location.
dwarf_CFA_set_reg_offset(reg, offset) Set the frame register, and its offset.
dwarf_except_gentables(sfunc, startoffset, retoffset) Write Dwarf-style exception tables.
dwarf_func_start(sfunc) Start of code gen for function.
dwarf_func_term(sfunc) End of code gen for function.
dwarf_line_add_directory(path) Add a directory to lineDirectories
dwarf_line_addfile(path) Add a file to infoFileName_table
dwarf_outsym(s) Write out symbol table for current function.
dwarf_regno(reg) Convert CPU register number to Dwarf register number.
dwarf_termfile() Finish writing Dwarf debug info to object file.
getSymName(sym) Returns a pretty identifier name from sym.
retrieveDirectory(path) Extracts the directory from path.
rewrite(buf, offset, data) Replace the bytes in buf from the offset by data.
writeDebugFrameFDE(dfseg, sfunc) Generate function's Frame Description Entry into .debug_frame
writeDebugFrameHeader(buf) Append .debug_frame header to buf.
writeEhFrameFDE(dfseg, sfunc, ehunwind, CIE_offset) Append function's FDE (Frame Description Entry) to .eh_frame




Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0