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Module dmd.backend.dwarfdbginf

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.



doUnwindEhFrame() Determine if generating a eh_frame with full unwinding information. This decision is done on a per-function basis.
dwarf_CFA_args_size(sz) Set total size of arguments pushed on the stack.
dwarf_CFA_offset(reg, offset) Set reg to be at offset from frame register.
dwarf_CFA_set_loc(location) Set the location, i.e. the offset from the start of the function. It must always be greater than the current location.
dwarf_CFA_set_reg_offset(reg, offset) Set the frame register, and its offset.
dwarf_except_gentables(sfunc, startoffset, retoffset) Write Dwarf-style exception tables.
dwarf_func_start(sfunc) Start of code gen for function.
dwarf_func_term(sfunc) End of code gen for function.
dwarf_line_addfile(filename) Add a file to the .debug_line header
dwarf_outsym(s) Write out symbol table for current function.
dwarf_regno(reg) Convert CPU register number to Dwarf register number.
dwarf_termfile() Finish writing Dwarf debug info to object file.
getSymName(sym) Returns a pretty identifier name from sym.
rewrite(buf, offset, data) Replace the bytes in buf from the offset by data.
writeDebugFrameFDE(dfseg, sfunc) Generate function's Frame Description Entry into .debug_frame
writeDebugFrameHeader(buf) Append .debug_frame header to buf.
writeEhFrameFDE(dfseg, sfunc, ehunwind, CIE_offset) Append function's FDE (Frame Description Entry) to .eh_frame




Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0