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Module core.stdc.tgmath

D header file for C99.

This module contains bindings to selected types and functions from the standard C header <tgmath.h>. Note that this is not automatically generated, and may omit some types/functions from the original C header.


ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E)


acos core.stdc.math.acos
acosh core.stdc.math.acosh
asin core.stdc.math.asin
asinh core.stdc.math.asinh
atan core.stdc.math.atan
atan2 core.stdc.math.atan2
atanh core.stdc.math.atanh
cbrt core.stdc.math.cbrtl
ceil core.stdc.math.ceill
copysign core.stdc.math.copysignl
cos core.stdc.math.cos
cosh core.stdc.math.cosh
erf core.stdc.math.erfl
erfc core.stdc.math.erfcl
exp core.stdc.math.exp
exp2 core.stdc.math.exp2
expm1 core.stdc.math.expm1
fabs core.stdc.math.fabsl
fdim core.stdc.math.fdim
floor core.stdc.math.floor
fma core.stdc.math.fmal
fmax core.stdc.math.fmax
fmin core.stdc.math.fmin
fmod core.stdc.math.fmod
frexp core.stdc.math.frexpl
hypot core.stdc.math.hypot
ilogb core.stdc.math.ilogbf
ldexp core.stdc.math.ldexp
lgamma core.stdc.math.lgamma
llrint core.stdc.math.llrint
llround core.stdc.math.llround
log core.stdc.math.log
log10 core.stdc.math.log10
log1p core.stdc.math.log1p
log2 core.stdc.math.log2
logb core.stdc.math.logb
lrint core.stdc.math.lrint
lround core.stdc.math.lround
modf core.stdc.math.modf
nan core.stdc.math.nan
nearbyint core.stdc.math.nearbyint
nextafter core.stdc.math.nextafter
nexttoward core.stdc.math.nexttoward
pow core.stdc.math.pow
remainder core.stdc.math.remainder
remquo core.stdc.math.remquo
rint core.stdc.math.rint
round core.stdc.math.round
scalbln core.stdc.math.scalbln
scalbn core.stdc.math.scalbn
sin core.stdc.math.sinl
sinh core.stdc.math.sinhl
sqrt core.stdc.math.sqrt
tan core.stdc.math.tanl
tanh core.stdc.math.tanhl
tgamma core.stdc.math.tgamma
trunc core.stdc.math.trunc


Sean Kelly


Distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE)