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Module dmd.tocsym

Convert a D symbol to a symbol the linker understands (with mangled name).




fake_classsym(id) Fake a struct symbol.
toImport(ds) Generate import symbol from symbol.
toInitializer(ad) Create the static initializer for the struct/class.
toSrcpos(loc) Converts a Loc to backend Srcpos
toSymbol(t) Turn a class type into a C Symbol.
toSymbolCpp(cd) For C++ class cd, generate an instance of _cpp_type_info_ptr and populate it with a pointer to the C++ type info.
toSymbolCppTypeInfo(cd) Generate Symbol of C++ type info for C++ class cd.
toSymbolX(ds, prefix, sclass, t, suffix) Helper
toThunkSymbol(fd, offset) Thunks adjust the incoming 'this' pointer by 'offset'.
toVtblSymbol(cd, genCsymbol) This is accessible via the ClassData, but since it is frequently needed directly (like for rtti comparisons), make it directly accessible.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0