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Module std.format

This module implements the formatting functionality for strings and I/O. It's comparable to C99's vsprintf() and uses a similar format encoding scheme.

For an introductory look at std.format's capabilities and how to use this module see the dedicated DWiki article.

This module centers around two functions:

Function Name Description
formattedRead Reads values according to the format string from an InputRange.
formattedWrite Formats its arguments according to the format string and puts them to an OutputRange.

Please see the documentation of function formattedWrite for a description of the format string.

Two functions have been added for convenience:

Function Name Description
format Returns a GC-allocated string with the formatting result.
sformat Puts the formatting result into a preallocated array.

These two functions are publicly imported by std.string to be easily available.

The functions formatValue and unformatValue are used for the plumbing.


format(fmt, args) Format arguments into a string.
formattedRead(r, args) Reads characters from input range r, converts them according to fmt, and writes them to args.
formattedWrite(w, args) Interprets variadic argument list args, formats them according to fmt, and sends the resulting characters to w. The encoding of the output is the same as Char. The type Writer must satisfy isOutputRange!(Writer, Char).
formatValue(w, val, f) Formats any value into Char accepting OutputRange, using the given FormatSpec.
sformat(buf, args) Format arguments into buffer buf which must be large enough to hold the result.
singleSpec(fmt) Helper function that returns a FormatSpec for a single specifier given in fmt.
unformatValue(input, spec) Reads a value from the given input range according to spec and returns it as type T.


FormatException Signals a mismatch between a format and its corresponding argument.


FormatSpec A General handler for printf style format specifiers. Used for building more specific formatting functions.


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, and Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.