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Module dmd.cxxfrontend

Contains C++ interfaces for interacting with DMD as a library.




asmSemantic(s, sc) iasm.d
ctfeInterpret(e) dinterpret.d
dsymbolSemantic(dsym, sc) dsymbolsem.d
expandTuples(exps, names) expression.d
expressionSemantic(e, sc) expressionsem.d
functionSemantic(fd) funcsem.d
gccAsmSemantic(s, sc) iasmgcc.d
genCppHdrFiles(ms) dtoh.d
gendocfile(m, ddoctext_ptr, ddoctext_length, datetime, eSink, outbuf) doc.d
genhdrfile(m, doFuncBodies, buf) hdrgen.d
genTypeInfo(e, loc, torig, sc) typinf.d
getDefaultValue(ed, loc) enumsem.d
getLocalClasses(mod, aclasses) dmodule.d
hasPointers(t) typesem.d
initializerSemantic(init, sc, tx, needInterpret) initsem.d
isAggregate(t) mtype.d
isExpression(o) dtemplate.d
json_generate(modules, buf) json.d
mangleExact(fd) dmangle.d
optimize(e, result, keepLvalue) optimize.d
search_toString(sd) dstruct.d
semantic2(dsym, sc) semantic2.d
semantic3(dsym, sc) semantic3.d
statementSemantic(s, sc) statementsem.d
toCppMangleItanium(s) cppmangle.d
tpsemantic(tp, sc, parameters) templateparamsem.d


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0