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Module dmd.astenums

Defines enums common to dmd and dmd as parse library.




isRefReturnScope(stc) Determine if it's the ambigous case of where return attaches to.


DArray Use to return D arrays from C++ functions


CHECKACTION What should happend when an assertion fails
CHECKENABLE In which context checks for assertions, contracts, bounds checks etc. are enabled
CPPMANGLE Whether to mangle an external aggregate as a struct or class, as set by extern(C++, struct)
Edition D Language version
FileType Source file type
InitKind Discriminant for which kind of initializer
LINK A linkage attribute as defined by extern(XXX)
MATCH Function match levels
PINLINE Inline setting as defined by pragma(inline, XXX)
STMT Identify Statement types with this enum rather than virtual functions
VarArg Variadic argument lists



Boost License 1.0