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Module dmd.mars

This modules defines related utilities needed for arguments parsing, path manipulation, etc... This file is not shared with other compilers which use the DMD front-end.




createModules(files, libmodules, target) Creates the list of modules based on the files provided
flushMixins() we want to write the mixin expansion file also on error, but there are too many ways to terminate dmd (e.g. fatal() which calls exit(EXIT_FAILURE)), so we can't rely on scope(exit) ... in tryMain() actually being executed so we add atexit(&flushMixins); for those fatal exits (with the GC still valid)
getenv_setargv(envvalue, args) Parses an environment variable containing command-line flags and append them to args.
() Print DMD's logo on stdout
parse_arch_arg(args, arch) Parse command line arguments for the last instance of -m32, -m64, -m32mscoff to detect the desired architecture.
parse_conf_arg(args) Parse command line arguments for the last instance of -conf=path.
parseCommandLine(arguments, argc, params, files, target) Parse command line arguments.
printInternalFailure(stream) Print DMD's logo with more debug information and error-reporting pointers.
setDefaultLibrary(params, target) Set the default and debug libraries to link against, if not already set
usage() Print DMD's usage message on stdout


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0