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Module dmd.backend.cgen

Generate code instructions




addtofixlist(s, offset, seg, val, flags) Add to the fix list.
cat(c1, c2) Concatenate two code lists together. Return pointer to result.
code_last(c) Find last code in list.
code_orflag(c, flag) Set flag bits on last code in list.
code_orrex(c, rex) Set rex bits on last code in list.
gencodelem(cdb, e, pretregs, constflag) Clean stack after call to codelem().
gennop(c) Generate 'nop'
outfixlist() End of module. Output fixups as references to external Symbols.
reghasvalue(regm, value, preg) Determine if one of the registers in regm has value in it.
regwithvalue(cdb, regm, value, preg, flags) Load a register from the mask regm with value.


Fixup When we don't know whether a function symbol is defined or not within this module, we stuff it in an array of references to be fixed up later.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0