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Module dmd.backend.cv8

CodeView 8 symbolic debug info generation

This module generates the .debug$S and .debug$T` sections for Win64, which are the MS-Coff symbolic debug info and type debug info sections.

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.


cv8_addfile(filename) Add source file, if it isn't already there. Return offset into F4.
cv8_daarray(t, keyidx, validx) Return type index for a aarray of type Value[Key]
cv8_darray(t, etypidx) Return type index for a darray of type E[]
cv8_ddelegate(t, functypidx) Return type index for a delegate
cv8_func_start(sfunc) Called at the start of a function.
cv8_fwdref(s) Put out a forward ref for structs, unions, and classes. Only put out the real definitions with toDebug().
cv8_initfile(filename) Called at the start of an object file generation. One source file can generate multiple object files; this starts an object file.
cv8_initmodule(filename, modulename) Called at the start of a module. Note that there can be multiple modules in one object file. cv8_initfile() must be called first.
cv8_linnum(srcpos, offset)
cv8_regnum(s) Get Codeview register number for symbol s.
cv8_udt(id, typidx) Put out a name for a user defined type.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0