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Module dmd.dsymbolsem

Does the semantic 1 pass on the AST, which looks at symbol declarations but not initializers or function bodies.




addEnumMembersToSymtab(ed, sc, sds) Add members of EnumDeclaration to the symbol table(s).
adjustLocForMixin(input, loc, mixinOut) Set up loc for a parse of a mixin. Append the input text to the mixin.
checkPrintfScanfSignature(funcdecl, f, sc) Check signature of pragma(printf) function, print error if invalid.
determineFields(ad) Find all instance fields in ad, then push them into fields.
dsymbolSemantic(dsym, sc) Does semantic analysis on the public face of declarations.
getAlignment(ad, sc) Determine the numerical value of the AlignmentDeclaration
load(imp, sc) Load module.
resolveAliasThis(sc, e, gag, findOnly) Find the alias this symbol of e's type.
search(d, loc, ident, flags) Search for ident as member of d.
setScope(d, sc) Set scope for future semantic analysis so we can deal better with forward references.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0