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Module std.experimental.allocator.building_blocks.region


BorrowedRegion A BorrowedRegion allocates directly from a user-provided block of memory.
InSituRegion InSituRegion is a convenient region that carries its storage within itself (in the form of a statically-sized array).
Region A Region allocator allocates memory straight from one contiguous chunk. There is no deallocation, and once the region is full, allocation requests return null. Therefore, Regions are often used (a) in conjunction with more sophisticated allocators; or (b) for batch-style very fast allocations that deallocate everything at once.
SbrkRegion Allocator backed by sbrk for Posix systems. Due to the fact that sbrk is not thread-safe by design, SbrkRegion uses a mutex internally. This implies that uncontrolled calls to brk and sbrk may affect the workings of SbrkRegion adversely.
SharedBorrowedRegion A SharedBorrowedRegion allocates directly from a user-provided block of memory.
SharedRegion The threadsafe version of the Region allocator. Allocations and deallocations are lock-free based using cas.