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Module dmd.expressionsem

Semantic analysis of expressions.


($LINK2, Expressions)




arrayExpressionSemantic(exps, sc, preserveErrors) Perform semantic() on an array of Expressions.
binSemantic(e, sc) Helper function for easy error propagation. If error occurs, returns ErrorExp. Otherwise returns NULL.
checkAddressable(e, sc) This check ensures that the object in exp can have its address taken, or issue a diagnostic error.
checkAddressVar(sc, exp, v) Determine if exp, which gets its address taken, can do so safely.
checkSharedAccess(e, sc, returnRef) If expression is shared, check that we can access it. Give error message if not.
dotIdSemanticProp(exp, sc, flag) Resolve properties, i.e. e1.ident, without seeing UFCS.
expressionsToString(buf, sc, exps) Perform semantic analysis and CTFE on expressions to produce a string.
getThisSkipNestedFuncs(loc, sc, s, ad, e1, t, var, flag) Helper function for getRightThis(). Gets this of the next outer aggregate.
getVarExp(em, loc, sc) Returns em as a VariableExp
makeThis2Argument(loc, sc, fd) Make a dual-context container for use as a this argument.
resolveIsPackage(sym) Determines whether a symbol represents a module or package (Used as a helper for is(type == module) and is(type == package))
resolveOpDollar(sc, ae, pe0) Runs semantic on ae.arguments. Declares temporary variables if '$' was used.
resolveOpDollar(sc, ae, ie, pe0) Runs semantic on se.lwr and se.upr. Declares a temporary variable if '$' was used.
resolvePropertiesOnly(sc, e1) If e1 is a property function (template), resolve it.
semanticString(sc, exp, s) Resolve exp as a compile-time known string.
symbolToExp(s, loc, sc, hasOverloads) Turn symbol s into the expression it represents.
toBoolean(exp, sc) Try to treat exp as a boolean,
trySemantic(exp, sc) Try to run semantic routines. If they fail, return NULL.
unaSemantic(e, sc) Helper function for easy error propagation. If error occurs, returns ErrorExp. Otherwise returns NULL.
verifyHookExist(loc, sc, id, description, module_) Make sure that the runtime hook id exists.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0