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Module std.math.operations

This is a submodule of std.math.

It contains several functions for work with floating point numbers.


approxEqual(value, reference, maxRelDiff, maxAbsDiff) Computes whether a values is approximately equal to a reference value, admitting a maximum relative difference, and a maximum absolute difference.
cmp(x, y) Defines a total order on all floating-point numbers.
fdim(x, y) Returns the positive difference between x and y.
feqrel(x, y) To what precision is x equal to y?
fma(x, y, z) Returns (x * y) + z, rounding only once according to the current rounding mode.
fmax(x, y) Returns the larger of x and y.
fmin(x, y) Returns the smaller of x and y.
getNaNPayload(x) Extract an integral payload from a NAN.
isClose(lhs, rhs, maxRelDiff, maxAbsDiff) Computes whether two values are approximately equal, admitting a maximum relative difference, and a maximum absolute difference.
NaN(payload) Create a quiet NAN, storing an integer inside the payload.
nextafter(x, y) Calculates the next representable value after x in the direction of y.
nextDown(x) Calculate the next smallest floating point value before x.
nextUp(x) Calculate the next largest floating point value after x.


Walter Bright, Don Clugston, Conversion of CEPHES math library to D by Iain Buclaw and David Nadlinger


Boost License 1.0.