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Module dmd.attrib

Defines declarations of various attributes.

The term 'attribute' refers to things that can apply to a larger scope than a single declaration. Among them are: - Alignment (align(8)) - User defined attributes (@UDA) - Function Attributes (@safe) - Storage classes (static, __gshared) - Mixin declarations (mixin("int x;")) - Conditional compilation (static if, static foreach) - Linkage (extern(C)) - Anonymous structs / unions - Protection (private, public) - Deprecated declarations (@deprecated)




foreachUdaNoSemantic(sym, dg) Iterates the UDAs attached to the given symbol, without performing semantic analysis.
isCoreUda(sym, ident) Returns true if the given symbol is a symbol declared in core.attribute and has the given identifier.
isEnumAttribute(e, id)


AlignDeclaration Alignment attribute for aggregates, members and variables.
AnonDeclaration An anonymous struct/union (defined by isunion).
AttribDeclaration Abstract attribute applied to Dsymbol's used as a common ancestor for storage classes (StorageClassDeclaration), linkage (LinkageDeclaration) and others.
ConditionalDeclaration A conditional compilation declaration, used for version / debug and specialized for static if.
CPPMangleDeclaration Attribute declaring whether an external aggregate should be mangled as a struct or class in C++, e.g. extern(C++, struct) class C { ... }. This is required for correct name mangling on MSVC targets, see cppmanglewin.d for details.
CPPNamespaceDeclaration A node to represent an extern(C++) namespace attribute
DeprecatedDeclaration Deprecation with an additional message applied to Dsymbols, e.g. deprecated("Superseeded by foo") int bar;. (Note that deprecated int bar; is currently represented as a StorageClassDeclaration with STC.deprecated_)
ForwardingAttribDeclaration Collection of declarations that stores foreach index variables in a local symbol table. Other symbols declared within are forwarded to another scope, like:
LinkDeclaration Linkage attribute applied to Dsymbols, e.g. extern(C) void foo().
MixinDeclaration Mixin declarations, like: mixin("int x");
PragmaDeclaration Pragma applied to Dsymbols, e.g. pragma(inline, true) void foo, but not PragmaStatement's like pragma(msg, "hello");.
StaticForeachDeclaration Static foreach at declaration scope, like: static foreach (i; [0, 1, 2]){ }
StaticIfDeclaration ` { static if () { } else { } }`
StorageClassDeclaration Storage classes applied to Dsymbols, e.g. const int i;
UserAttributeDeclaration User defined attributes look like: @foo(args, ...) @(args, ...)
VisibilityDeclaration Visibility declaration for Dsymbols, e.g. public int i;


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0