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Module dmd.frontend

Contains high-level interfaces for interacting with DMD as a library.




addImport(path) Add import path to the global.path.
addStringImport(path) Add string import path to global.filePath.
deinitializeDMD() Deinitializes the global variables of the DMD compiler.
determineDefaultCompiler() Detect the currently active compiler.
findDMDConfig(dmdFilePath) Searches for a dmd.conf.
findImportPaths() Finds a dmd.conf and parses it for import paths. This depends on the $DMD environment variable. If $DMD is set to ldmd, it will try to detect and parse a ldc2.conf instead.
findLDCConfig(ldcFilePath) Searches for a ldc2.conf.
fullSemantic(m) Run full semantic analysis on a module.
parseImportPathsFromConfig(iniFile, execDir) Parses a dmd.conf or ldc2.conf config file and returns defined import paths.
parseModule(fileName, code) Parse a module from a string.
prettyPrint(m) Pretty print a module.


DiagnosticReporter Interface for diagnostic reporting.
StderrDiagnosticReporter Diagnostic reporter which prints the diagnostic messages to stderr.


ContractChecks Indicates which contracts should be checked or not.
Diagnostics Contains aggregated diagnostics information.


ContractChecking Indicates the checking state of various contracts.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0