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Module dmd.clone

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.




buildDtor(ad, sc) Create inclusive destructor for struct/class by aggregating all the destructors in dtors[] with the destructors for all the members.
buildExternDDtor(ad, sc) build a shim function around the compound dtor that translates a C++ destructor to a destructor with extern(D) calling convention
buildInv(ad, sc) Create inclusive invariant for struct/class by aggregating all the invariants in invs[]. void _invariant() const [pure nothrow @trusted] { invs[0](), invs[1](), ...; }
buildOpAssign(sd, sc) Build opAssign for a struct.
buildOpEquals(sd, sc) Build opEquals for struct. const bool opEquals(const S s) { ... }
buildXopCmp(sd, sc) Build _xopCmp for TypeInfo_Struct static bool _xopCmp(ref const S p, ref const S q) { return p.opCmp(q); }
buildXopEquals(sd, sc) Build _xopEquals for TypeInfo_Struct static bool _xopEquals(ref const S p, ref const S q) { return p == q; }
buildXtoHash(sd, sc) Build _xtoHash for non-bitwise hashing static hash_t xtoHash(ref const S p) nothrow @trusted;
hasIdentityOpAssign(ad, sc) Check given aggregate actually has an identity opAssign or not.
mergeFuncAttrs(s1, f) Merge function attributes pure, nothrow, @safe, @nogc, and @disable from f into s1.
needOpEquals(sd) We need an opEquals for the struct if any fields has an opEquals. Generate one if a user-specified one does not exist.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0