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Module dmd.backend.dcgcv

CodeView 4 symbolic debug info generation

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.



cv4_arglist(t, pnparam) Generate a type index for a parameter list.
cv4_callconv(t) Return 'calling convention' type of function.
cv4_numericbytes(value) CodeView 4 ///////////////////////////////
cv4_signednumericbytes(value) Return number of bytes required to store a signed numeric leaf.
cv4_storenumeric(p, value) Store numeric leaf. Must use exact same number of bytes as cv4_numericbytes().
cv4_storesignednumeric(p, value) Store signed numeric leaf. Must use exact same number of bytes as cv4_signednumericbytes().
cv4_struct(s, flags) Return type index of struct.
cv4_typidx(t) Return CV4 type index for a type.
cv_debtyp(d) Search for debtyp_t in debtyp[]. If it is there, return the index of it, and free d. Otherwise, add it.
cv_func(s) Write out symbol table for current function.
cv_init() Store a null record at DEB_NULL.
cv_namestring(p, name, length) Stuff a namestring into p.
cv_outsym(s) Write out symbol table for current function.
cv_stringbytes(name) Return number of bytes consumed in OBJ file by a name.
cv_term() Write out data to .OBJ file.
cv_typidx(t) Return cv type index for a type.
debtyp_alloc(length) Allocate a debtyp_t.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0