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Module dmd.backend.dout

Transition from intermediate representation to code generator

Compiler implementation of the D programming language.


alignOffset(seg, datasize) Align segment offset.
dt_writeToObj(objmod, dt, seg, offset) Write dt to Object file.
out_readonly(s) Mark a Symbol as going into a read-only segment.
out_readonly_comdat(s, p, len, nzeros) Output Symbol as a readonly comdat.
out_regcand(psymtab) Determine register candidates.
out_string_literal(str, len, sz) Write out a readonly string literal in an implementation-defined manner.
outcommon(s, n) Output n bytes of a common block, n > 0.
outdata(s) Write out statically allocated data.
outelem(e, addressOfParam) Walk expression tree, converting it from a PARSER tree to a code generator tree.
outthunk(sthunk, sfunc, p, thisty, d, i, d2) Output function thunk.
writefunc(sfunc) Optimize function, generate code for it, and write it out.

Manifest constants

ROMAX Write data into read-only data segment. Return symbol for it.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0