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Read/write data in the zip archive format. Makes use of the etc.c.zlib compression library.


  • Multi-disk zips not supported.
  • Only Zip version 20 formats are supported.
  • Only supports compression modes 0 (no compression) and 8 (deflate).
  • Does not support encryption.
  • Bugzilla 592
  • Bugzilla 2137


// Read existing zip file.
import std.digest.crc, std.file, std.stdio,;

void main(string[] args)
    // read a zip file into memory
    auto zip = new ZipArchive(read(args[1]));
    writeln("Archive: ", args[1]);
    writefln("%-10s  %-8s  Name", "Length", "CRC-32");
    // iterate over all zip members
    foreach (name, am;
        // print some data about each member
        writefln("%10s  %08x  %s", am.expandedSize, am.crc32, name);
        assert(am.expandedData.length == 0);
        // decompress the archive member
        assert(am.expandedData.length == am.expandedSize);

// Create and write new zip file.
import std.file : write;
import std.string : representation;

void main()
    char[] data = "Test data.\n".dup;
    // Create an ArchiveMember for the test file.
    ArchiveMember am = new ArchiveMember(); = "test.txt";
    // Create an archive and add the member.
    ZipArchive zip = new ZipArchive();
    // Build the archive
    void[] compressed_data =;
    // Write to a file
    write("", compressed_data);


Name Description
ArchiveMember A member of the ZipArchive.
ZipArchive Object representing the entire archive. ZipArchives are collections of ArchiveMembers.
ZipException Thrown on error.


Name Description
CompressionMethod Compression method used by ArchiveMember


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0.