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Module dmd.backend.blockopt

Manipulating basic blocks and their edges.




block_appendexp(b, e) Append elem to the elems comprising the current block. Read in an expression and put it in curblock.Belem. If there is one already there, create a tree like: , / \ old e
block_calloc() Handle basic blocks.
block_calloc_i() Handle basic blocks.
block_clearvisit() Clear visit.
block_compbcount() Compute number of parents (Bcount) of each basic block.
block_endfunc(flag) Mark end of function.
block_free(b) Free a block.
block_goto(bx, bc, bn) Finish up this block and start the next one.
block_init() Handle basic blocks.
block_next(bctx, bc, bn) Finish up this block and start the next one.
block_optimizer_free(b) Free optimizer gathered data.
block_pred() Build predecessor list (Bpred) for each block.
block_ptr() Replace block numbers with block pointers.
block_term() Handle basic blocks.
block_visit(b) Visit block and each of its predecessors.
blocklist_free(pb) Free list of blocks.
blockopt(iter) Perform branch optimization on basic blocks.
brcombine() Try to remove control structure. That is, try to resolve if-else, goto and return statements into &&, || and ?: combinations.
compdfo() Compute depth first order (DFO). Equivalent to Aho & Ullman Fig. 13.8. Blocks not in dfo[] are unreachable.
compdfo(dfo, startblock) Handle basic blocks.
funcsideeffects() Determine if function has any side effects. This means, determine if all the function does is return a value; no extraneous definitions or effects or exceptions. A function with no side effects can be CSE'd. It does not reference statics or indirect references.
mem_fcalloc(numbytes) Handle basic blocks.
mem_free() Handle basic blocks.

Manifest constants

SCPP_OR_NTEXCEPTIONS Handle basic blocks.

Global variables

bc_goal uint[20] Handle basic blocks.
blkzero Handle basic blocks.
block_freelist* Handle basic blocks.
block_last* Handle basic blocks.
curblock* Handle basic blocks.
dfo Barray!(*) Handle basic blocks.
startblock* Handle basic blocks.


MEM_PH_FREE mem_free Handle basic blocks.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0