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Module std.datetime.stopwatch

Module containing some basic benchmarking and timing functionality.

For convenience, this module publicly imports core.time.

Category Functions
Main functionality StopWatch benchmark
Flags AutoStart

Unlike the other modules in std.datetime, this module is not currently publicly imported in std.datetime.package, because the old versions of this functionality which use TickDuration are in std.datetime.package and would conflict with the symbols in this module. After the old symbols have gone through the deprecation cycle and have been fully removed, then this module will be publicly imported in std.datetime.package. The old, deprecated symbols has been removed from the documentation in December 2019 and currently scheduled to be fully removed from Phobos after 2.094.

So, for now, when using std.datetime.stopwatch, if other modules from std.datetime are needed, then either import them individually rather than importing std.datetime, or use selective or static imports to import std.datetime.stopwatch. e.g.

import std.datetime;
import std.datetime.stopwatch : benchmark, StopWatch;

The compiler will then know to use the symbols from std.datetime.stopwatch rather than the deprecated ones from std.datetime.package.


benchmark(n) Benchmarks code for speed assessment and comparison.


StopWatch StopWatch is used to measure time just like one would do with a physical stopwatch, including stopping, restarting, and/or resetting it.


AutoStart Flag!("autoStart") Used by StopWatch to indicate whether it should start immediately upon construction.


Jonathan M Davis and Kato Shoichi


Boost License 1.0.