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Module dmd.dcast

Semantic analysis for cast-expressions.




arrayTypeCompatibleWithoutCasting(t1, t2) See if both types are arrays that can be compared for equality without any casting. Return true if so. This is to enable comparing things like an immutable array with a mutable one.
castTo(e, sc, t, att) Do an explicit cast. Assume that the expression e does not have any indirections. (Parameter 'att' is used to stop 'alias this' recursion)
cimplicitConvTo(e, t) Same as implicitConvTo(); except follow C11 rules, which are quite a bit more permissive than D. C11 6.3 and
fix16997(sc, ue) This provides a transition from the non-promoting behavior of unary + - ~ to the C-like integral promotion behavior.
implicitCastTo(e, sc, t) Attempt to implicitly cast the expression into type t.
implicitConvTo(e, t) Checks whether or not an expression can be implicitly converted to type t.
inferType(e, t, flag) Set type inference target t Target type flag 1: don't put an error when inference fails
integralPromotions(e, sc) Do integral promotions (convertchk). Don't convert to
scaleFactor(be, sc) Scale addition/subtraction to/from pointer.
specialNoreturnCast(toBeCasted, to) A helper function to "cast" from expressions of type noreturn to any other type - noreturn is implicitly convertible to any other type. However, the dmd backend does not like a naive cast from a noreturn expression (particularly an assert(0)) so this function generates:
typeCombine(be, sc) Bring leaves to common type.
typeMerge(sc, op, pe1, pe2) Merge types of e1 and e2 into a common subset


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0