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Module dmd.root.string

Contains various string related functions.




dstrcmp(s1, s2) A string comparison functions that returns the same result as strcmp
findBetween(str, l, r) Find a string inbetween two substrings
findSplit() Find a substring in a string and split the string into before and after parts.
iequals(s1, s2) Compare two slices for equality, in a case-insensitive way
splitLines(text) Take text and turn it into an InputRange that emits slices into text for each line.
startsWith(p, needle) Checks if C string p starts with needle.
stripLeadingLineTerminator(str) Strips one leading line terminator of the given string.
toCString(s) Convert a D string to a C string by allocating memory, copying it, and adding a terminating 0.
toCStringThen(src) Copy the content of src into a C-string ('\0' terminated) then call dg
toDString(s) Slices a \0-terminated C-string, excluding the terminator
toStaticArray(literal) Infers the length N of a string literal and coerces its type to a static array with length N + 1. Returns the string with a null character appended to the end.


Walter Bright,


Boost License 1.0