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Module dmd.typesem

Semantic analysis for D types.




callMatch(tf, tthis, argumentList, flag, pMessage, sc) 'args' are being matched to function type 'tf' Determine match level.
covariant(src, t, pstc, cppCovariant) Covariant means that 'src' can substitute for 't', i.e. a pure function is a match for an impure type.
defaultInit(mt, loc, isCfile) Get the default initialization expression for a type.
dotExp(mt, sc, e, ident, flag) Access the members of the object e. This type is same as e.type.
getComplexLibraryType(loc, sc, ty) Extract complex type from core.stdc.config
getProperty(t, scope_, loc, ident, flag, src) Calculate built-in properties which just the type is necessary.
merge(type) If an identical type to type is in type.stringtable, return the latter one. Otherwise, add it to type.stringtable. Some types don't get merged and are returned as-is.
resolve(mt, loc, sc, pe, pt, ps, intypeid) Resolve type 'mt' to either type, symbol, or expression. If errors happened, resolved to Type.terror.
typeSemantic(type, loc, sc) Perform semantic analysis on a type.
typeToExpression(t) We've mistakenly parsed t as a type. Redo t as an Expression only if there are no type modifiers.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0