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Module std.digest.hmac

This package implements the hash-based message authentication code (HMAC) algorithm as defined in RFC2104. See also the corresponding Wikipedia article.


Template API HMAC implementation.

This implements an HMAC over the digest H. If H doesn't provide information about the block size, it can be supplied explicitly using the second overload.

This type conforms to std.digest.isDigest.

Compute HMAC over an input string

import std.ascii : LetterCase;
import std.digest : toHexString;
import std.digest.sha : SHA1;
import std.string : representation;

auto secret = "secret".representation;
assert("The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
        .toHexString!(LetterCase.lower) == "198ea1ea04c435c1246b586a06d5cf11c3ffcda6");


HMAC Overload of HMAC to be used if H doesn't provide information about its block size.


hmac Convenience constructor for HMAC.


hmac hmac!(H,H.blockSize) Convenience constructor for HMAC.



Boost License 1.0.