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Module dmd.dsymbol

The base class for a D symbol, which can be a module, variable, function, enum, etc.




foreachDsymbol(symbols, dg) Calls dg(Dsymbol *sym) for each Dsymbol. If dg returns !=0, stops and returns that value else returns 0.
foreachDsymbol(symbols, dg) Calls dg(Dsymbol *sym) for each Dsymbol.


AliasAssign Encapsulate assigning to an alias: identifier = type; identifier = symbol; where identifier is an AliasDeclaration in scope.
ArrayScopeSymbol Array Index/Slice scope
CAsmDeclaration ImportC global asm definition.
DsymbolTable Table of Dsymbol's
ExpressionDsymbol Class that holds an expression in a Dsymbol wrapper. This is not an AST node, but a class used to pass an expression as a function parameter of type Dsymbol.
ForwardingScopeDsymbol Forwarding ScopeDsymbol. Used by ForwardingAttribDeclaration and ForwardingScopeDeclaration to forward symbol insertions to another scope. See ForwardingAttribDeclaration for more details.
OverloadSet Overload Sets
ScopeDsymbol Dsymbol that generates a scope
WithScopeSymbol With statement scope


FieldState Struct/Class/Union field state. Used for transitory information when setting field offsets, such as bit fields.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0