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Function std.format.write.formattedWrite

Converts its arguments according to a format string and writes the result to an output range.

uint formattedWrite(Writer, Char, Args...) (
  auto ref Writer w,
  scope const Char[] fmt,
  Args args

uint formattedWrite(alias fmt, Writer, Args...) (
  auto ref Writer w,
  Args args
if (isSomeString!(typeof(fmt)));

The second version of formattedWrite takes the format string as a template argument. In this case, it is checked for consistency at compile-time.


w an output range, where the formatted result is written to
fmt a format string
args a variadic list of arguments to be formatted
Writer the type of the writer w
Char character type of fmt
Args a variadic list of types of the arguments


The index of the last argument that was formatted. If no positional arguments are used, this is the number of arguments that where formatted.


A FormatException if formatting did not succeed.


In theory this function should be @nogc. But with the current implementation there are some cases where allocations occur. See sformat for more details.


import std.array : appender;

auto writer1 = appender!string();
formattedWrite(writer1, "%s is the ultimate %s.", 42, "answer");
writeln(writer1[]); // "42 is the ultimate answer."

auto writer2 = appender!string();
formattedWrite(writer2, "Increase: %7.2f %%", 17.4285);
writeln(writer2[]); // "Increase:   17.43 %"


The format string can be checked at compile-time:

import std.array : appender;

auto writer = appender!string();
writer.formattedWrite!"%d is the ultimate %s."(42, "answer");
writeln(writer[]); // "42 is the ultimate answer."

// This line doesn't compile, because 3.14 cannot be formatted with %d:
// writer.formattedWrite!"%d is the ultimate %s."(3.14, "answer");


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, and Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.