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Replaces the characters in str which are in from with the the corresponding characters in to and returns the resulting string.

C1[] tr(C1, C2, C3, C4) (
  C1[] str,
  const(C2)[] from,
  const(C3)[] to,
  const(C4)[] modifiers = null

tr is based on Posix's tr, though it doesn't do everything that the Posix utility does.


str The original string.
from The characters to replace.
to The characters to replace with.
modifiers String containing modifiers.


Modifier Description
'c' Complement the list of characters in from
'd' Removes matching characters with no corresponding replacement in to
's' Removes adjacent duplicates in the replaced characters

If the modifier 'd' is present, then the number of characters in to may be only 0 or 1.

If the modifier 'd' is not present, and to is empty, then to is taken to be the same as from.

If the modifier 'd' is not present, and to is shorter than from, then to is extended by replicating the last character in to.

Both from and to may contain ranges using the '-' character (e.g. "a-d" is synonymous with "abcd".) Neither accept a leading '^' as meaning the complement of the string (use the 'c' modifier for that).

See Also

translate, replace, substitute


writeln(tr("abcdef", "cd", "CD")); // "abCDef"
writeln(tr("1st March, 2018", "March", "MAR", "s")); // "1st MAR, 2018"
writeln(tr("abcdef", "ef", "", "d")); // "abcd"
writeln(tr("14-Jul-87", "a-zA-Z", " ", "cs")); // " Jul "


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, Jonathan M Davis, and David L. 'SpottedTiger' Davis


Boost License 1.0.