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Template core.atomic.cas

Performs either compare-and-set or compare-and-swap (or exchange).

template cas(MemoryOrder succ = MemoryOrder.seq, MemoryOrder fail = MemoryOrder.seq) ;

There are two categories of overloads in this template: The first category does a simple compare-and-set. The comparison value (ifThis) is treated as an rvalue.

The second category does a compare-and-swap (a.k.a. compare-and-exchange), and expects ifThis to be a pointer type, where the previous value of here will be written.

This operation is both lock-free and atomic.

Contained Functions

cas Compare-and-set for non-shared values
cas Compare-and-set for shared value type
cas Compare-and-set for shared reference type (class)
cas Compare-and-exchange for non-shared types
cas Compare and exchange for mixed-sharedness types
cas Compare-and-exchange for class


here The address of the destination variable.
writeThis The value to store.
ifThis The comparison value.


true if the store occurred, false if not.


Sean Kelly, Alex Rønne Petersen, Manu Evans


Boost License 1.0