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Converts this DateTime to a string with the format YYYY-Mon-DD HH:MM:SS. If writer is set, the resulting string will be written directly to it.

string toSimpleString() pure nothrow @safe const;

void toSimpleString(W) (
  ref W writer
) const
if (isOutputRange!(W, char));


writer A char accepting output range


A string when not using an output range; void otherwise.


assert(DateTime(Date(2010, 7, 4), TimeOfDay(7, 6, 12)).toSimpleString() ==
       "2010-Jul-04 07:06:12");

assert(DateTime(Date(1998, 12, 25), TimeOfDay(2, 15, 0)).toSimpleString() ==
       "1998-Dec-25 02:15:00");

assert(DateTime(Date(0, 1, 5), TimeOfDay(23, 9, 59)).toSimpleString() ==
       "0000-Jan-05 23:09:59");

assert(DateTime(Date(-4, 1, 5), TimeOfDay(0, 0, 2)).toSimpleString() ==
       "-0004-Jan-05 00:00:02");


Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.