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Struct dmd.location.Loc

A source code location

struct Loc ;

Used for error messages, __FILE__ and __LINE__ tokens, __traits(getLocation, XXX), debug info etc.


charnum uintutf8 code unit index relative to start of line, starting from 1
filename const(char)*zero-terminated filename string, either absolute or relative to cwd
initial immutable(Loc)use for default initialization of const ref Loc's
linnum uintline number, starting from 1


equals (loc) Checks for equivalence by comparing the filename contents (not the pointer) and character location.
isValid ()
opEquals (loc) opEquals() / toHash() for AA key usage
set (showColumns, messageStyle) Configure how display is done
toHash () opEquals() / toHash() for AA key usage


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0