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Function std.utf.toUTF16

Encodes the elements of s to UTF-16 and returns a newly GC allocated wstring of the elements.

wstring toUTF16(S) (
  S s
if (isSomeFiniteCharInputRange!S);


s the range to encode


A UTF-16 string

See Also

For a lazy, non-allocating version of these functions, see byUTF.


import std.algorithm.comparison : equal;

// these graphemes are two code units in UTF-16 and one in UTF-32
writeln("𤭢"d.length); // 1
writeln("𐐷"d.length); // 1

assert("𤭢"d.toUTF16.equal([0xD852, 0xDF62]));
assert("𐐷"d.toUTF16.equal([0xD801, 0xDC37]));


Walter Bright and Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.