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Struct std.uni.unicode

A single entry point to lookup Unicode code point sets by name or alias of a block, script or general category.

struct unicode ;

It uses well defined standard rules of property name lookup. This includes fuzzy matching of names, so that 'White_Space', 'white-SpAce' and 'whitespace' are all considered equal and yield the same set of white space characters.


opDispatch[get] autoPerforms the lookup of set of code points with compile-time correctness checking. This short-cut version combines 3 searches: across blocks, scripts, and common binary properties.


opCall (name) The same lookup across blocks, scripts, or binary properties, but performed at run-time. This version is provided for cases where name is not known beforehand; otherwise compile-time checked opDispatch is typically a better choice.
parseSet (range, casefold) Parse unicode codepoint set from given range using standard regex syntax '[...]'. The range is advanced skiping over regex set definition. casefold parameter determines if the set should be casefolded - that is include both lower and upper case versions for any letters in the set.

Inner structs

block Narrows down the search for sets of code points to all Unicode blocks.
hangulSyllableType Fetch a set of code points that have the given hangul syllable type.
script Narrows down the search for sets of code points to all Unicode scripts.


Dmitry Olshansky


Boost License 1.0.