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Struct std.uni.unicode.hangulSyllableType

Fetch a set of code points that have the given hangul syllable type.

struct hangulSyllableType ;

Other non-binary properties (once supported) follow the same notation - unicode.propertyName.propertyValue for compile-time checked access and unicode.propertyName(propertyValue) for run-time checked one.

See the table of properties for available sets.


// L here is syllable type not Letter as in unicode.L short-cut
auto leadingVowel = unicode.hangulSyllableType("L");
// check that some leading vowels are present
foreach (vowel; '\u1110'..'\u115F')
writeln(leadingVowel); // unicode.hangulSyllableType.L


Dmitry Olshansky


Boost License 1.0.