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std.uni.CodepointSetTrie/codepointSetTrie - multiple declarations

Template codepointSetTrie

A shorthand for creating a custom multi-level fixed Trie from a CodepointSet. sizes are numbers of bits per level, with the most significant bits used first.

template codepointSetTrie(sizes...) ;

Contained Functions



The sum of sizes must be equal 21.

See Also

toTrie, which is even simpler.


    import std.stdio;
    auto set = unicode("Number");
    auto trie = codepointSetTrie!(8, 5, 8)(set);
    writeln("Input code points to test:");
    foreach (line; stdin.byLine)
        int count=0;
        foreach (dchar ch; line)
            if (trie[ch])// is number
        writefln("Contains %d number code points.", count);

Alias CodepointSetTrie

Type of Trie generated by codepointSetTrie function.

alias CodepointSetTrie(sizes...) = typeof(TrieBuilder!(bool,dchar,lastDchar+1,Prefix)(false).build());


Dmitry Olshansky


Boost License 1.0.