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Template std.typecons.apply

Unpacks the content of a Nullable, performs an operation and packs it again. Does nothing if isNull.

template apply(alias fun) ;

When called on a Nullable, apply will unpack the value contained in the Nullable, pass it to the function you provide and wrap the result in another Nullable (if necessary). If the Nullable is null, apply will return null itself.

Contained Functions



t a Nullable
fun a function operating on the content of the nullable


fun(t.get).nullable if !t.isNull, else Nullable.init.

See also: The Maybe monad


alias toFloat = i => cast(float) i;

Nullable!int sample;

// apply(null) results in a null `Nullable` of the function's return type.
Nullable!float f = sample.apply!toFloat;
assert(sample.isNull && f.isNull);

sample = 3;

// apply(non-null) calls the function and wraps the result in a `Nullable`.
f = sample.apply!toFloat;
assert(!sample.isNull && !f.isNull);
writeln(f.get); // 3.0f


alias greaterThree = i => (i > 3) ? i.nullable : Nullable!(typeof(i)).init;

Nullable!int sample;

// when the function already returns a `Nullable`, that `Nullable` is not wrapped.
auto result = sample.apply!greaterThree;
assert(sample.isNull && result.isNull);

// The function may decide to return a null `Nullable`.
sample = 3;
result = sample.apply!greaterThree;
assert(!sample.isNull && result.isNull);

// Or it may return a value already wrapped in a `Nullable`.
sample = 4;
result = sample.apply!greaterThree;
assert(!sample.isNull && !result.isNull);
writeln(result.get); // 4


Andrei Alexandrescu, Bartosz Milewski, Don Clugston, Shin Fujishiro, Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.