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Function std.path.isValidFilename

Checks that the given file or directory name is valid.

bool isValidFilename(Range) (
  Range filename
if ((isRandomAccessRange!Range && hasLength!Range && hasSlicing!Range && isSomeChar!(ElementEncodingType!Range) || isNarrowString!Range) && !isConvertibleToString!Range);

The maximum length of filename is given by the constant FILENAME_MAX. (On Windows, this number is defined as the maximum number of UTF-16 code points, and the test will therefore only yield strictly correct results when filename is a string of wchars.)

On Windows, the following criteria must be satisfied (source):

  • filename must not contain any characters whose integer representation is in the range 0-31.
  • filename must not contain any of the following reserved characters: <>:
  • filename may not end with a space (' ') or a period ('.').

On POSIX, filename may not contain a forward slash ('/') or the null character ('\0').


filename string to check


true if and only if filename is not empty, not too long, and does not contain invalid characters.


import std.utf : byCodeUnit;



Lars Tandle Kyllingstad, Walter Bright, Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz, Thomas Kühne, Andrei Alexandrescu


Boost License 1.0