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Function std.file.readText

Reads and validates (using validate) a text file. S can be an array of any character type. However, no width or endian conversions are performed. So, if the width or endianness of the characters in the given file differ from the width or endianness of the element type of S, then validation will fail.

S readText(S, R) (
  auto ref R name
if (isSomeString!S && (isSomeFiniteCharInputRange!R || is(StringTypeOf!R)));


S the string type of the file
name string or range of characters representing the file name


Array of characters read.


FileException if there is an error reading the file, UTFException on UTF decoding error.

See Also

read for reading a binary file.


Read file with UTF-8 text.

write(deleteme, "abc"); // deleteme is the name of a temporary file
scope(exit) remove(deleteme);
string content = readText(deleteme);
writeln(content); // "abc"


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.