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Function std.encoding.codePoints

Returns a foreachable struct which can bidirectionally iterate over all code points in a string.

CodePoints!E codePoints(E) (
  immutable(E)[] s

The input to this function MUST be validly encoded. This is enforced by the function's in-contract.

You can foreach either with or without an index. If an index is specified, it will be initialized at each iteration with the offset into the string at which the code point begins.


This function supersedes std.utf.decode().


Unicode 5.0, ASCII, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, WINDOWS-1250, WINDOWS-1251, WINDOWS-1252


s the string to be decoded


string s = "hello world";
foreach (c;codePoints(s))
    // do something with c (which will always be a dchar)

Note that, currently, foreach (c:codePoints(s)) is superior to foreach (c;s) in that the latter will fall over on encountering U+FFFF.


string s = "hello";
string t;
foreach (c;codePoints(s))
    t ~= cast(char) c;
writeln(s); // t


Janice Caron


Boost License 1.0.