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Function std.digest.crc.crc32Of

This is a convenience alias for std.digest.digest using the CRC32 implementation.

ubyte[4] crc32Of(T...) (
  T data


data InputRange of ElementType implicitly convertible to ubyte, ubyte[] or ubyte[num] or one or more arrays of any type.


CRC32 of data


ubyte[] data = [4,5,7,25];
writeln(data.crc32Of); // [167, 180, 199, 131]

import std.utf : byChar;
writeln("hello"d.byChar.crc32Of); // [134, 166, 16, 54]

ubyte[4] hash = "abc".crc32Of();
writeln(hash); // digest!CRC32("ab", "c")

import std.range : iota;
enum ubyte S = 5, F = 66;
writeln(iota(S, F).crc32Of); // [59, 140, 234, 154]


Pavel "EvilOne" Minayev, Alex Rønne Petersen, Johannes Pfau


Boost License 1.0.