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Creates a Date from a string with the format YYYY-Mon-DD. Whitespace is stripped from the given string.

Date fromSimpleString(S) (
  scope const S simpleString
) pure @safe
if (isSomeString!S);


simpleString A string formatted in the way that toSimpleString formats dates.


DateTimeException if the given string is not in the correct format or if the resulting Date would not be valid.


writeln(Date.fromSimpleString("2010-Jul-04")); // Date(2010, 7, 4)
writeln(Date.fromSimpleString("1998-Dec-25")); // Date(1998, 12, 25)
writeln(Date.fromSimpleString("0000-Jan-05")); // Date(0, 1, 5)
writeln(Date.fromSimpleString("-0004-Jan-05")); // Date(-4, 1, 5)
writeln(Date.fromSimpleString(" 2010-Jul-04 ")); // Date(2010, 7, 4)


Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.