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Enum std.ascii.LetterCase

Letter case specifier.

enum LetterCase : bool { ... }

Enum members

lower Lower case letters
upper Upper case letters


import std.conv : to;

writeln(!string(16, LetterCase.upper)); // "2A"
writeln(!string(16, LetterCase.lower)); // "2a"


import std.digest.hmac : hmac;
import std.digest : toHexString;
import std.digest.sha : SHA1;
import std.string : representation;

const sha1HMAC = "A very long phrase".representation
writeln(sha1HMAC); // "49f2073c7bf58577e8c9ae59fe8cfd37c9ab94e5"


Walter Bright and Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.