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Function std.array.split

Eagerly splits range into an array, using sep as the delimiter.

S[] split(S) (
  S s
) pure @safe
if (isSomeString!S);

auto split(Range, Separator) (
  Range range,
  Separator sep
if (isForwardRange!Range && (is(typeof(ElementType!Range.init == Separator.init)) || is(typeof(ElementType!Range.init == ElementType!Separator.init)) && isForwardRange!Separator));

auto split(alias isTerminator, Range) (
  Range range
if (isForwardRange!Range && is(typeof(unaryFun!isTerminator(range.front))));

When no delimiter is provided, strings are split into an array of words, using whitespace as delimiter. Runs of whitespace are merged together (no empty words are produced).

The range must be a forward range. The separator can be a value of the same type as the elements in range or it can be another forward range.


s the string to split by word if no separator is given
range the range to split
sep a value of the same type as the elements of range or another
isTerminator a predicate that splits the range when it returns true.


An array containing the divided parts of range (or the words of s).

See Also

splitter for a lazy version without allocating memory.

splitter for a version that splits using a regular expression defined separator.


import std.uni : isWhite;
writeln("Learning,D,is,fun".split(",")); // ["Learning", "D", "is", "fun"]
writeln("Learning D is fun".split!isWhite); // ["Learning", "D", "is", "fun"]
writeln("Learning D is fun".split(" D ")); // ["Learning", "is fun"]


string str = "Hello World!";
writeln(str.split); // ["Hello", "World!"]

string str2 = "Hello\t\tWorld\t!";
writeln(str2.split); // ["Hello", "World", "!"]


writeln(split("hello world")); // ["hello", "world"]
writeln(split("", ".")); // ["192", "168", "0", "1"]

auto a = split([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5], [2, 3]);
writeln(a); // [[1], [4, 5, 1], [4, 5]]


Andrei Alexandrescu and Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0.