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Function std.algorithm.searching.findSkip

Finds needle in haystack and positions haystack right after the first occurrence of needle.

bool findSkip(alias pred, R1, R2) (
  ref R1 haystack,
  R2 needle
if (isForwardRange!R1 && isForwardRange!R2 && is(typeof(binaryFun!pred(haystack.front, needle.front))));

size_t findSkip(alias pred, R1) (
  ref R1 haystack
if (isForwardRange!R1 && ifTestable!(typeof(haystack.front), unaryFun!pred));

If no needle is provided, the haystack is advanced as long as pred evaluates to true. Similarly, the haystack is positioned so as pred evaluates to false for haystack.front.


haystack The forward range to search in.
needle The forward range to search for.
pred Custom predicate for comparison of haystack and needle


true if the needle was found, in which case haystack is positioned after the end of the first occurrence of needle; otherwise false, leaving haystack untouched. If no needle is provided, it returns the number of times pred(haystack.front) returned true.

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import std.range.primitives : empty;
// Needle is found; s is replaced by the substring following the first
// occurrence of the needle.
string s = "abcdef";
assert(findSkip(s, "cd") && s == "ef");

// Needle is not found; s is left untouched.
s = "abcdef";
assert(!findSkip(s, "cxd") && s == "abcdef");

// If the needle occurs at the end of the range, the range is left empty.
s = "abcdef";
assert(findSkip(s, "def") && s.empty);


import std.ascii : isWhite;
string s = "    abc";
assert(findSkip!isWhite(s) && s == "abc");
assert(!findSkip!isWhite(s) && s == "abc");

s = "  ";
writeln(findSkip!isWhite(s)); // 2


Andrei Alexandrescu


Boost License 1.0.