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Function std.algorithm.mutation.moveEmplace

Similar to move but assumes target is uninitialized. This is more efficient because source can be blitted over target without destroying or initializing it first.

void moveEmplace(T) (
  ref T source,
  ref T target
) pure @system;


source value to be moved into target
target uninitialized value to be filled by source


static struct Foo
pure nothrow @nogc:
    this(int* ptr) { _ptr = ptr; }
    ~this() { if (_ptr) ++*_ptr; }
    int* _ptr;

int val;
Foo foo1 = void; // uninitialized
auto foo2 = Foo(&val); // initialized
assert(foo2._ptr is &val);

// Using `move(foo2, foo1)` would have an undefined effect because it would destroy
// the uninitialized foo1.
// moveEmplace directly overwrites foo1 without destroying or initializing it first.
moveEmplace(foo2, foo1);
assert(foo1._ptr is &val);
assert(foo2._ptr is null);
writeln(val); // 0


Andrei Alexandrescu


Boost License 1.0.