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Function std.algorithm.comparison.among

Find value among values, returning the 1-based index of the first matching value in values, or 0 if value is not among values. The predicate pred is used to compare values, and uses equality by default.

uint among(alias pred, Value, Values...) (
  Value value,
  Values values
if (Values.length != 0);
template among(values...) ;

Function among

Template among

Contained Functions



pred The predicate used to compare the values.
value The value to search for.
values The values to compare the value to.


0 if value was not found among the values, otherwise the index of the found value plus one is returned.

See Also

find and canFind for finding a value in a range.


assert(3.among(1, 42, 24, 3, 2));

if (auto pos = "bar".among("foo", "bar", "baz"))
    writeln(pos); // 2

// 42 is larger than 24
writeln(42.among!((lhs, rhs) => lhs > rhs)(43, 24, 100)); // 2


Alternatively, values can be passed at compile-time, allowing for a more efficient search, but one that only supports matching on equality:

assert(3.among!(2, 3, 4));
writeln("bar".among!("foo", "bar", "baz")); // 2


Andrei Alexandrescu


Boost License 1.0.