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Function dmd.root.string.toStaticArray

Infers the length N of a string literal and coerces its type to a static array with length N + 1. Returns the string with a null character appended to the end.

char[N+1] toStaticArray(ulong N) (
  scope const(char)[N] literal


literal string literal


- LDC produces quite optimal code for short strings: - - (backup URL)


auto m = "123".toStaticArray;
const c = "123".toStaticArray;
immutable i = "123".toStaticArray;
enum e = "123".toStaticArray;

writeln(m); // "123\0"
writeln(c); // "123\0"
writeln(i); // "123\0"
static assert(e == "123\0");

const empty = "".toStaticArray;
static assert(empty.length == 1);
static assert(empty[0] == '\0');


Walter Bright,


Boost License 1.0